This delightful interview with Rosie Novellino-Mearns on 
John LaBarca’s Italian House Party radio show just received:

Rosie Novellino-Mearns on John LaBarca






“. . . . Her heartfelt and very personal account of that effort provides a backstage glimpse of the drama that ensued and features a cast of characters that includes performers, politicians, the media, and some very heavy hitters in the world of New York real estate.

This volume is embellished with personal photos and mementos and augmented with appendixes that provide facts and figures about Radio City Music Hall as well as a detailed list of all the films shown and shows staged there from December 1932 through April 1979. Public libraries with robust arts collections will want to add this title, which will delight readers interested in the performing arts and their history in the U.S.”

Carolyn Mulac, BOOKLIST

“I promised myself I would read one chapter at a time, savoring each and reflecting. Well, I couldn’t, I read it in one sitting, like I was there with you, very compelling story!”

Belle Koblentz, Former Rockette

“I’m so proud of my friend-turned-author, Rosie Novellino-Mearns. Her book launch party was a touching success this evening. She’s the former Radio City ballet dancer who challenged the big boys, gathered good forces on her side, and saved one of NYC’s most famous tourist attractions — Radio City Music Hall — from being torn down. Her story is a fascinating read.”

Bobby Rivers

Amazon Review Excerpts

amazon stars  Saving Radio City Music Hall – a Must Read!

By Bruce Michael on July 11, 2015

I just re-read “Saving Radio City Music Hall.” This is a must read for anyone that loves our beloved “Showplace of the Nation.” From 1989 – 2005, I was the VP/Creative Producer of the Rockettes and to this day thank Rosie for heading the Committee that saved the Hall from demolition. For me and the many people that worked and performed at the Hall since its almost closure in 1978 as well as the millions of Music Hall patrons that have since attended the myriad of spectaculars, concerts, special events, and television broadcasts that have graced the great stage, “Saving Radio City Music Hall” is an important document of an era in New York City that saw the demise of many landmarks.
amazon stars  One of New York’s greatest unsung heroines tells a shocking tale, indeed!
Should be filed under “SCIENCE FICTION”…and yet it REALLY HAPPENED! This has got to be the most under-reported near-disaster in New York City history! New York….with no Radio City? No Rockettes? It seems almost unimaginable–but at the depth of NYC’s dive into economic despair, Radio City Music Hall was actually in very serious peril–of not just being closed…but being DESTROYED! One woman “called bulls***” on this ludicrous situation–and WON!! You MUST read Rosie’s just-released memoir, of that awful time, and how the determination of just one Radio City dancer (and a few less-recognized others, including her now-husband, Bill Mearns, among others) saved one of New York’s most treasured landmarks. A beautiful and inspiring book, by a wonderful and courageous lady! Someone? ORGANIZE A RCMH SALUTE TO ROSIE, ALREADY!!