Leonard Bernstein | An Album of Family & Friends

Leonard Bernstein: An Album of Family & Friends by John Jonas Gruen. 176 pages of intimate photos, with quotes by Leonard Bernstein, his family, and photographer/ author John Jonas Gruen.

What was it like, people always ask, growing up in that high-energy environment? I look at the pictures and try to go back, all those decades ago. Really: what was it like to live amongst grownups who had such exciting, glamorous and — let’s face it – rather un-grownup lives? To be a sulky, uncertain teenager amid all of that… no, it was not easy, and the photographs do remind me. I often felt like I had one pinky’s worth of grip on a vehicle that was flying way too fast for me. Looking back on it now, I realize, of course, that most of the grownups in those pictures must have felt the same way. Everyone was hanging on by their pinkies – but what a ride.
From the Foreword by Jamie Bernstein

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